Livin' Our Best (Non-Toxic) Lives

Livin' Our Best (Non-Toxic) Lives

Livin' Our Best (Non-Toxic) Lives

Ever since I started doing yoga and noticed changes and improvements happening -- less back pain, better sleep, easier breathing -- it continues to make me think about all the other ways I can make my body feel good. 

At the same time, I’ve become more aware of all the ways the products we put on our bodies can have creepy chemicals in them with insidious side effects. 

Breakouts, dry skin, and even internal hormonal shifts can result from using products with unrecognizable substances directly on our skin, which then sinks into our bodies through our pores. 

Enter Mixx + No Tox Life

One ethical notion of yoga is to “do no harm,” also known as Ahimsa in Sanskrit. That’s why yoga and naturally-made, “green” products tend to go hand-in-hand. So it’s no wonder we’ve scooped up all the No Tox Life products we can for our studio shop.

Your New Self-Care Ritual

We wanted to make sure we gave you non-toxic bath and beauty options so you can continue to treat your bodies with the respect that you deserve. So we chose to feature the all-natural skin care shop, No Tox Life.

We copped the yummiest candles, deodorants, and even eucalyptus shower bombs to up your self-care game. My favorites are the fancy soaps that look like art. 

Honestly they were so pretty I was nervous to ruin them in the shower and feared they looked better than they felt.

But the lavender bar I got (and have already used up), and the almond and coffee grounds bar that I’m using now lather beautifully, do not dry me out, and make me and my bathroom smell deliciousssss.

So if you’re in the mood to treat yo’ self, you’ve got some wonderfully curated options, if I may say.

See you in class,