A Scent for Every Occasion

A Scent for Every Occasion

A Scent for Every Occasion

No Tox Life essential oil-infused candles can give you all the cozy feels this season. They have real wood wicks that crackle when you burn them (sooo nice), and they’re blended with pretty notes of deliciousness that evoke the freshness of water or the calm of the woods.

Black Fig + Cypress
Notes: Mulberry, Teakwood, Evergreen

This is the ultimate holiday candle. Everyone says it smells like Christmas. But you don’t need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy this scent! Light this one in a cabin in Big Bear or at home to get your family and guests in the holiday spirit.

Sage + Citrus
Notes: White Sage, Grapefruit, Vanilla Bean

This one is light and energizing, perfect to burn during a morning yoga flow or as a treat after tidying up on a weekend at home.

Sea Salt + Charcoal 
Notes: Ocean Mist, Binchotan, White Coral

This scent smells like an escape to the beach in the off season, or maybe a pampering self-care soak with a bath bomb. It evokes the unassuming healing vibes of water with the grounding energy of Japanese white charcoal (Binchotan). 

Next time you’re in the studio give these a whiff and you’ll see what I mean!